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Potting Mixes
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BOS Mix: stalite, Sponge Rock, Coconut Chips & Charcoal:

Price: ¼ CF. Bag - $ 14.00

Very well draining general purpose mix for orchid types such as cattleyas, dendrobiums, oncidiums and brassias. One bag equals six 6" pots full,so you will be able to repot approximately 10 plants potted in 5" to 6" pots.

No Image Available Phal/Paph/Seedling Mix:

Price: ¼ CF. Bag - $ 14.00

Retains the perfect amount of moisture but will not stay soggy. Also great for epidendrums and terrestrials or as a soilless mix for many other plants.
Custom mixes and larger quantities of mixes are available. Please inquire.

If you don't see it in our catalog, please ask and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.

* Prices and availability of items subject to change without notice.

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